Saturday, September 27, 2014

Asian Market Haul

I am so obsessed with 99 Ranch Market! it is close to my new job so I am able to stop by in-between clients. I got rice noodles, crispy rice patties (for crispy rice soup), mushrooms, chili oil, bamboo shoots, and jackfruit! for lunch I had a big package of sea weed salad yum! 

I am so excited to try making tacos with the jackfruit! I loved the jackfruit "pulled pork" sandwich I had at this brewery near me so it inspired me to try to make something similar but with tacos. I will keep you posted. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fermented Beet Root "Lox" test 1

I have been waiting and waiting for this to be ready and for the stars to align so I could test it. I LOVE a good Lox plate with a plain bagel but as it is not vegan I do not eat it anymore. I wanted to make something that would mimic it. I had seen an instagram post about beets as lox but I couldn't find a recipe for it so I improvised and came up with something on my own. I decided to ferment the beet root the way I make sauerkraut. I wanted to test it out without adding any spice or flavor to see the consistency and how it tastes and feels when eaten like lox. I really liked it and it satisfied the craving. I wasn't a fan of the vegan cream cheese I used so I want to try another brand and see how it goes. I also added vegan caviar to one part of it to see what the seaweed extract adds flavor wise- it didn't make much of a difference but I will try something with seaweed when I ferment the beet root again (maybe use actual seaweed). Overall, it ended up being good and I really enjoyed it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Caramel Sauce

This recipe is my own variation of what we made in the Spork Foods cooking class. We don't have cane sugar in our house so I used coconut sugar and I added soy creamer for a creamer texture but honestly I don't see a difference and could probably be left out. I tried to make it refined sugar free but there is sugar in the Earth Balance butter and obviously the creamer. It didn't harden the way I thought it would (it did when it was put on the ice cream during the class) so it is just a nice liquidy sauce. It has a strong maple syrup taste even though there wasn't that much put in and it slightly tastes burnt (that might be the coconut sugar) but not in a bad way. I really like it but I definitely want to make some modifications for the next time. 

End of Summer Popsicles

One of my favorite summer treats is popsicles. Every summer I try out new combinations and this summer wasn't any different. I made cashew cream to go with the fruit ones. I also made savory ones that I haven't tried yet. I will post about them as I try them. The peach, fig, cream one was really good.

Peaches and Cream
Figs and Cream
Peaches, Figs, Chia and Cream
Heirloom Tomato Basil 
Coconut Water (just frozen raw coconut water)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chia Chocolates

This is not a ground breaking take on chocolates and I got the idea from a blog post about the various uses for chia seeds. They are really good! It gives it a crunch bar texture but it's healthy. I used my chocolate recipe but I ran out of cacao so it is more oil than solid (that's why they are melting in the picture) but they still turned out really well.


Chicken and Waffles

I saw these two random waffles in my freezer (they are gf/v my mom got them from the gf store but I don't know the brand. sorry!) and I decided to make chicken and waffles! It's a dish that I don't think I have ever really had before but I know a lot of people really enjoy it.

I cooked the waffles in the oven along with the Beyond Meat chicken strips. I cut the figs into 8ths. Before the waffles were fully cooked, I put a bit of Earth Balance butter in each square so that it melted into the waffle. When they were ready, I plated the waffles and poured grade B maple syrup then added the chicken and figs. I thought I would add some vegan caviar (it's from IKEA and magical). 

It turned out to be pretty good! The caviar was a bit weird and I probably wouldn't add it next time but the waffle-fig-chicken combo was amazing!

Shishito Peppers

One of My favorite things to get at Japanese restaurants is the Shishito pepper appetizer. I bought some at the farmer's market and was looking forward to making them at home. It is super easy and quick.