Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Day Detox

My sister and I decided to do Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Detox. Aaaand we really struggled with it. According to Nikki, she and others have found a lot of success with it but my sister and I didn't.

Overall we eat pretty well so we thought this would be easy and great. I turned into a horrible human- angry, hungry, and tired. I snapped at everyone and my patience was very low. Also my brain power was super low and I was spaced out constantly. Neither of us feel like we lost any weight (in fact we both think we might have gained some). And the food isn't that great which is why we ended up going rogue and eating only the dishes we liked (maybe that's why it didn't work?). For me, it wasn't enough food- I run around all day working with kids so I need more filling food versus something that moves through me quickly since I don't have time for long bathroom breaks. The food is so full of fiber and water that it flowed through me- 30mins after I ate I was starving again. My sister didn't have the hunger problem but she didn't feel good on it. 

I can't imagine we did something wrong since we followed it pretty well in the beginning. We still have one day left and I have lost all faith in it. Maybe if we didn't have such hectic busy lives it would be a lot better.

I will say that she had some interesting recipes that I will and have tweaked to suit me better. I definitely want to get more creative with my food and this detox and the movie Chef have really inspired me. 

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