Monday, June 2, 2014

Cashew Milk and Pudding

Making Cashew Milk is the same as any nut milk- soak over night, one cup nuts to two cups water (or less depending on how thick you want it), add salt, cacao, coconut sugar, maple syrup, turmeric, etc whatever you want to add/make with it. 

With almond milk you can dry the leftover pulp and make almond flour. Cashew is much creamier and the left over pulp is more like a pudding or thick cream so i decided to make chocolate superfood pudding. In my bullet, i put the left overs from the cashew milk, cacao, flax, coconut sugar, and goji. I blended it and added chia to the bowl. Stir and refrigerate over night so the chias absorb the liquid and make it more gelatinous. It ended up being quite good.