Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brands I Love: Simply Straws

If you cant tell by the 8 straws in the below picture (there are 3 or 4 missing), i am obsessed with SimplyStraws. They have a great pledge for Earth Month (April... sorry it's over) on Instagram where you can pledge against plastic straws and they will give you a code for a free straw. I carry two glass straws with me everywhere i go- the short green one and the colored bent one. People always ask me about them and it is a great way to spread the news about a fun and simple way to help out the environment. Another company that i like is GlassDharma (one of the straws in the picture is from there). The straws come in different sizes and widths- skinny skinny for stirring to wide for boba and smoothies.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I love fruit!

I love fruit.
Summer fruits are so good and get me really excited. Watermelon, pears, mangoes, apples, grapefruits, passion fruit, bananas. I eat a ton of these. Word on the street is that you should eat fruit on an empty stomach because it takes a different amount of time to digest than other foods so it just sits in your stomach and ferments. Also it's good to eat it in the morning. Check with your doctor because certain dietary restrictions and diseases may not allow for this way of eating.


Just some gf/v candies that i love

Trader Joe's Vegan Cheese

I was so excited to see that Trader Joes had finally made a vegan cheese (not just a veggie one that still had casein in it). It is SO gross. I do not recommend it. I cant even tell you how excited i was about it because it really looked like yummy shredded cows cheese. I was excited to melt it and make cheese bread and garlic bread. I had big plans for this bag. It was so gross. no matter how i cooked it it was gross. Also uncooked it didn't taste good. what a bummer.


Kale Chips

Animal Harming Companies


Found this amazing bag of seaweed at a market in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The seaweed is in small pieces which make it a great snack (its like eating chips/crisps or popcorn). I like to dip them in different sauces when i snack. they are 100% seaweed and the bag is a good size for (i think it was...) like $2

Chili Oil

My sister and I love sesame chili oil but a small bottle costs a lot more than we want to spend for the amount that we use. We go through it so fast because we LOVE spicy everything. I wanted to try to make something similar using better ingredients. it didnt go very well. I used unrefined coconut oil and red chilies. I heated up the coconut oil on low heat then added the chilies. I let them meld together for quite sometime (over an hour). After i put it in a jar and kept it in the fridge. The coconut taste was too strong and the chili taste wasnt right. i will keep trying different oils and chilies till it turns out right (i might just have to give in a buy sesame).

Cashew Butter

homemade nutbutters are actually really easy- you basically just blend the nuts until they are smooth. It takes quite a bit of time though since the blender can get crazy hot so you can really only go about a minute at a time and (with a magic bullet) you have to scrape it every so often to make sure it all blends properly. 

This is cashew butter. I like it much better than almond it has a sweeter flavor and it goes better with jam (in my opinion).
A weird snack that i love is carrots dipped in the cashew butter. It is a yum raw snack 

Brands I Love: Daiya Pizza

I love Daiya Cheese. It is the top of the list of my favorite vegan cheese. I also love that their company is supportive of a variety of food allergies and their products are gluten-free. The pizzas are close to $10 which is a little rough but they are really good and a great "junk food" splurge. I havent tired the cheese lovers pizza but i have tried the fire-roasted veggie, margarita, and mushroom roasted garlic. They are really great and i dont miss gluten-dairy pizza at all :) 


I love Sauerkraut! I could put it on everything and i almost do. Fermented foods are SO SO SO good for your gut. You should have them daily. The packaged brands that are pure and raw are pricey (around $7 for a bag) so i decided to make my own. It is really easy but time consuming. You need: 
Cabbage (and any other veggie you want to ferment- beets, jalapeno, squash) 
Spice- I used Caraway but you want do other flavors
Jars or other glass containers for fermenting. 
Cheese cloth or other breathable fabric 
rock, small jar, or heavy object to place on top of the veggies. 
seriously that is it.
First chop the cabbage to roughly the same sized strips. small is good

Add the salt and message it into the cabbage. it will start to break down and release moisture. this is good and what you want to happen. Let it rest for a bit so it gets really liquidy. Add the caraway seeds and mix well.
Move to a jar and make sure the cabbage is covered by the liquid. (this is where a rock or jar comes in to keep the cabbage submerged.
Keep an eye on it and make sure to keep the cabbage submerged. Keep it in a cool, dark space for a few days (three at least). when it tastes the way you want it to taste put it in the fridge with the lid. It should last a few months (unless you eat it all first)

Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut

This brand is really good and they have a few flavors. They were my inspiration behind making my own kraut. I love caraway and this is the classic flavor. I havent tried the other flavors yet but i am sure they are good. (i've been too busy eating my homemade kraut) 

Brands that I love: Vigilant Eats

 is my favorite on the go breakfast brand. I have tried three (Goji Cacao, Espresso Maca Mulberry, and Maca Double Chocolate) of their four flavors and i have not been disappointed yet. I found out about them through VeganCuts. The cups are hardy but not overly filling and even though the flavors sound weird or strong they work really well together!