Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sprouts Haul

My Sprouts market is having a 25% off sale on beauty and nutritional products so I went a bit crazy and got stuff that I really needed. 

For beauty supplies I got Nelson's face cloths that I love (they have arnica), natural Biotin shampoo and conditioner, and other hair growth stuff that I hope works (I bleached my hair for YEARS and as a result have thin hair :sad face:): 

My food haul was interesting. I got spirulina (25% off woot woot), coconut sugar, and maca for new superfoods. Rice paper wraps and seaweed to make well wraps, grapefruit, gf soy sauce, green beans, mushrooms, cotton candy (eek sugar couldn't resist), miso paste, and chocolate pb coconut ice cream (no sugar yay): 

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