Friday, November 15, 2013

Onion Mushroom Rice Noodles with Cranberry Sauce

It is that magical cranberry sauce time of the year. So all I can think about is what I can add cranberries to. One night I came up with the idea to mix cranberry sauce with rice noodles, mushrooms, and onions. Truth be told it was kind of weird. Not exactly what I thought it would taste like and I probably wouldn't make it again. But the cranberry sauce was good on it's own :)

Trader Joe's has organic cranberries 
Cranberries, sugar, water 
Simmer it down then use 
The onions are cooking (coconut oil and low heat- it's not a race let it take time)
Add the mushrooms
Then the noodles
Mix it up 
Add the cranberry sauce
And voila! A weird dinner