Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bootleg Veggie Soup

When I got home from babysitting tonight I was SO hungry so I looked in the fridge to make a veggie stir fry (duh that's all I eat) but the housekeeper came today which means all my veggies have magically disappeared into some weird meat-containing concoction for my mom which she will eat for one meal, freeze, attempt to eat it one week-two months later only to toss it out bc it didn't freeze well. So I found what I could and made a soup. I found pre-chopped mushrooms and carrots (stuff I would never buy myself bc who knows what they used to clean or preserve them or if they even did  that), kale (yay and mine I bought Sunday), rice, barley, lemons, and our amazing selection of spices. Mix it all together and get: 
I'm about to eat it right now I hope pray wish it will taste good. 

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