Thursday, October 31, 2013

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans

Oh man I may have found my new obsession! Damn that these are gf/v bc I now want to consume these all day and all of the night! V/GF sour sweets usually aren't sour. I'm not kidding... One of my most beloved brands has sour items and they aren't sour to me at all so I was shocked at how insanely sour these were. Obvi shocked in a happy excited way. I'm sad that I already ate these and they no longer exist and I have none to eat right now.

This is what the little beans of sour heaven looked like... So cute like those dinosaur egg candies from my youth. 

Crunchmaster Crackers

These crackers from the VeganCuts snack box were really good! I'm not a big cracker person. I would rather snack on fruit, candy, seaweed, or nuts but today I was running around for work and these were a perfect snack! The salty and crunch and flavor were all amazing. I definitely recommend these :) yum good choice VC! 


I love whole fresh coconuts. They are a pain to open so I had fun with it. 

I made it into a flower
Then I started making it a ball 
Finally I was over it and just wanted my coconut water. 
I put a glass simply straw and pretended I was on a tropical island 

Then I opened it to eat the meat


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instagram Accounts I Follow

I dont have facebook so Instagram is huge for me!
These are the accounts that i follow/like: 

VeganCuts October Box

I LOVE LOVE LOVE VeganCuts' Snack Box! I have no sad feelings about cancelling my other subscription boxes but i dont know if i could ever give this box up! This month had great stuff (stuff i already know and love)!

This month VeganCuts collaborated with the Vegan Zombie to create a Halloween box (aka lots of candy yum). This month, all the products are GF too :) 
This month's box featured:
Rescue Chocolate peanut butter square
YumEarth sour beans and fruit snacks
Mediterranean Snacks lentil chips
Surf Sweets peach rings
Stash Tea Company chai tea bags
Crunchmaster multi-grain crackers
Smooze fruit ice
Runa Tea berry flavor energy drink
Wild Garden roasted garlic hummus dip

Vegan Protein

"Chicken" & Rice Soup

I made this really yummy V/GF "chicken" and rice soup! I am crazy obsessed with Beyond Meat chicken-free strips. I go through a pack so fast! I didn't really like chicken before I went vegan but these things are crazy good. I made soup using carrots, celery, and rice. I cut up the strips and added it to the soup. I finished it off with siracha and nutritional yeast. YUM :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beyond the Animals: Vegan for the Enironment, too.

On tumblr this girl posted about why she doesnt eat animals and it really connected with one of the major reasons i dont- The Environment!

after the jump for the post and my response

Bootleg Veggie Soup

When I got home from babysitting tonight I was SO hungry so I looked in the fridge to make a veggie stir fry (duh that's all I eat) but the housekeeper came today which means all my veggies have magically disappeared into some weird meat-containing concoction for my mom which she will eat for one meal, freeze, attempt to eat it one week-two months later only to toss it out bc it didn't freeze well. So I found what I could and made a soup. I found pre-chopped mushrooms and carrots (stuff I would never buy myself bc who knows what they used to clean or preserve them or if they even did  that), kale (yay and mine I bought Sunday), rice, barley, lemons, and our amazing selection of spices. Mix it all together and get: 
I'm about to eat it right now I hope pray wish it will taste good. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vegan Halloween Candy

VegNews posted a comprehensive list of vegan candies for halloween! i will post it after the jump.

Daiya Pizza

Daiya makes gf/v pizzas but I have never seen them in stores until I went to this amazing Whole Foods in Glendale! I got the mushroom and roasted garlic one. It was good but the mushrooms were a little weird. I would definitely buy this again but in one of the other flavors.

Whole Foods Haul

I went to Whole Foods for the first time in a few months and i went a little crazy! For real solid foods I got yummy fries, miracle noodles (made from a yam or something i forgot how much i liked them and its a better alt to rice noodles), daiya pizza, and amy's enchiladas (my all time fav food). Desserts i got a young coconut (drinking the milk out of a straw i feel like im on vacation), hail merry miracle tarts in chocolate, sweet and sara marshmellows in cinnamon pecan, and chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream. And to top it all off i replenished my superfoods!

Protein supplement

I got this sample packet in a vegan cuts box. Unfortunately it was disgusting. I mixed it with rice milk and the powder never dissolved so it was like drinking a cup of sand and the flavor wasn't good either. I can't even describe the flavor it was so off and weird. It might be the coffee flavor that made it weird but it was an awful breakfast. I don't know if it would have been good in a shake or smoothie maybe with some cacao to make it like a chocolate coffee shake but it was rough solo. 

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is just the worst because getting it requires deforestation of rainforests and the death  of wild orangutans. There is a group of people who are trying to stop the production of Conflict Palm Oil ---> it is so easy to help! you take a picture of your palm saying #inyourpalm and submit it. It is for a great cause! we don't want wild orangutans to become extinct do we??

Email forward from the Co: 


The Snack Food 20 are the makers of some of the best-known snack food brands in the world, and they're using "Conflict Palm Oil" tied to rainforest destruction and orangutan extinction in their products. I for one do not want orangutans to go extinct just so I can have cheap packaged foods.

I just posted an #inyourpalm photo petition to call on all 20 of the companies—companies like PepsiCo, Kraft, Kellogg's, and Smucker's—to cut Conflict Palm Oil out of their products. Will you join me?

Take action here:

check out my pic after the jump :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last Night's Late Night Munchies

Another post about my exciting late night snacks. Last night I went to a music Monday show and didn't get back till about 1:30ish and I was hungry so I made rice sprinkled with nutritional yeast and a fruit smoothie. I really wanted Asian-esq rice and the nute gave me the texture I was looking for on the rice and the smoothie fulfilled my late night sweet tooth. Yumm

Meatless Jerky take 2

Ok so I tried this meatless jerky again because last night I realized that the first flavor I tried (pepperoni) actually in fact tasted like pepperoni but I haven't had pepperoni in years so I didn't immediately get it. I tried the teriyaki flavor and it was actually pretty good. 

Surf Sweets

Yum I love surf sweets! All of their gummies are so good and totally hit the spot for gummy candies that are vegan and gf :) 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Out of Town Breakfast

Continuing with being out of town my grandma was beside herself over what to feed me bc I have so many restrictions. She bought Udi's gf bagels (so thoughtful but I never eat bagels) and fruit (which I ended up bringing home). It sounds like a failure but actually I did eat half of one bagel and I had my trusty passion fruit :)

Travel Food

Last night I went to visit my grandma. I left right from work so I had to make something that would be my lunch and dinner bc the drive was about 2.5 hours and i had work before.
So I made this:
I steamed all the veggies I had because I was afraid they would go bad overnight. Seriously. I thought everything in my drawer in the fridge would instantly rot bc I was going to be out of town for one night. 

It was good though and the artichokes made a good midnight snack. (My grandma surprisingly had Earth Balance so I even had a "butter" dip for them)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Breakfast

Was fruit mania!!! Last night I came home to this: 
A huge bag of passion fruit! This is what happiness is made of. The sweet sweet nectar of the gods! I have to practice major self restraint because I could devour the whole bag in one sitting. 
Excited by this glorious treat, I am having some of my favorite fruits for breakfast: 
Green grapes, dates, and passion fruit. To wash it all down, half a smoothie I made last night. Nom :) 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Trader Joe's Curry

This stuff is so good! it is gluten-free vegan. i take it out of the plastic packaging when i heat it up even though it is plastic #5 which is fine and reusable but i feel better about it being in glass or ceramic when i heat the food. this curry was so creamy and coconuty. the veggies are good too. 

Mango Coconut Popsicles

Clearly summer has not ended for me! my mom brought home some coconut so i thought i would make a very tropical summery dessert for the start of fall. I added the coconut, mango, and rice milk into the nutribullet and later added chocolate chips and chia seeds.


Alternative Menstrual Products

Aw menstruation. That tricky topic that men dont like/understand/run in fear from and all cis women experience. Menstruation was actually one of the first things to get me really involved in a more eco lifestyle.  In college, i took a class about the social constructs surrounding menstruation and my final project was to use alt products and create a blog about it with one of my best friends. over the years the blog has totally boomed because it gives the perspective of two young women making the change to using alt products. It covers everything from successes and massive failures to various societal reactions to menstruation.

It is important to understand the effects of the disposable products you (as a menstruating human being) use every month. pads and tampons are occasionally made with toxic materials, can cause toxic shock, and sit in landfills for ages. It is so much better for your body and for the earth to use alt products like a sea sponge, a cup, or cloth pads. there are so many companies that offer alt products. the sponges i buy are from jade & pearl and i use a lunette cup or a diva cup.

please feel free to read about our adventures. i dont want to go into too much detail on here because i dont want to deter people from this blog. the blog covers almost any question you could have and we encourage question asking.

Trader Joe's Haul

My trader joe's haul usually consists of a ton of veggies because all i eat is veggies and rice noodles during the week or a soup. I also LOVE sea weed! theirs is great because it comes in a big package and its $0.99. Dates are so good and are a great way to fulfill a sugar craving. 
i got: portobello  mushrooms, bok choy, organic zucchini, organic green beans, medjool dates, Dr. Praeger's California burgers (GF and V), and seaweed. I also get jalapenos and onions but i didnt need them at the moment.

Health Ade Kombucha

Health Ade Kombucha came in a really cool bottle so i wanted it and the flavor sounded like the most interesting of the options they had at the store. Well, it wasnt good the first day i opened it. I was really excited about it and it didnt deliver. the next day i tried it again and it was better. I realized that it reminded me of apple cider vinegar so that was off putting. I probably wouldnt buy it again since it was really pricey and i didnt enjoy it enough to pay that amount again. i think im going to stick to GT's

Amy's Pizza

I love Amy's GF/V foods! this pizza is really good i like the veggies and the sauce. i added Daiya cheese to make it more traditional pizza style

Chia Seeds

VeganCuts Snack Box

Here is September's VeganCuts snack box! it came really late (i finally got it oct 4) but there was really cool stuff in it so it is almost okay. Barnana is my crack! i absolutely love love love these! i have been taking them with me on my travels this summer and i am going to take some with me to London at the end of november. So i was so excited to see these in the box! another snack i am obsessed with is the square bar! there are no words for how amazing this is! it fulfills my sugar chocolate craving and it has a nice crunch to it too. I got this in my box last month too and i was thrilled to find it in this months too. The home free cookies were good. i took them to a movie and it made a great snack. they are made with oat flour so it had a taste of breakfast to me. i havent tried the other products yet but i am excited for the meatless select fishless tuna and the raw snacks bar. I will probably give my sister the chips because i'm not a fan of them and that silver package had apple cranberry oatmeal that had other stuff in it and it was not to my liking. this month was all gluten-free :) 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Natural Healing

Late night smoothie

I was craving something so I made a smoothie. 

Organic frozen strawberries and blueberries 
1 banana
1 big spoonful of chia seeds, cacao powder, and cacao nibs
Some rice milk for liquid (can use any alt milk or water)
Blend enjoy :) 

I'm enjoying mine in a large canning jar and with a wide simply straw 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No-Sugar Chocolate Popsicles

Last night I really wanted to create a chocolate popsicle that didn't have processed sugar. Instead of sugar I used dates! I love dates (when I was a kid I hated them)! They are so sweet they really do curb my sugar cravings. I love making Popsicles but the chocolate chips I use have sugar. My choco pops have:
Organic unsweetened rice milk
Cacao powder 
Cacao nibs (beans I shelled)
Chia seeds (to make it super superfoody) 

I blended it all together in my nutribullet, poured it in the molds, and froze overnight.