Monday, September 30, 2013

Hemp Seeds

For breakfast I had dates and an avocado with nutritional yeast and toasted hemp seeds! The hemp seeds are Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co and they came in a VeganCuts snack box a few months ago. They were really good! I had a feeling I would like them since I love raw hemp seeds and these were made to be more of a ToGo snack. They were crunchy and a little salty which complimented the soft avocado. Raw hemp seeds are a superfood: helps increase and maintain energy, lowers blood pressure and increases heart health, weight loss and improves digestion, healthy cholesterol, and controls blood sugar.

Nutritional Yeast

So I'm OBSESSED with Nutritional Yeast. Like I need a 12-step for it...

I love Bragg's but I have a hard time finding it at the health food stores near me. I have tried other brands and I enjoy them too. Currently I am using Full'o'life brand. There are subtle differences in the taste of each brand but not a big enough change where I feel like I'm missing out. I like the store brand one because it comes in a regular size bag or a large bag which reduces the use of plastic packaging that Bragg's and other brands have.  


I make my own pickles. I like knowing what goes into them and I love to experiment with different spices/flavors. My favorite pickled veggies are carrots and zucchini. Yum! onions and garlic are crazy good, too! I will hopefully be posting a "How to" or "DIY with Dani" on making pickles in the next week or two. It is a really long almost two day process but the outcome is amazing and delicious!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Guest DIY Post

This week my DIY post was on how to make Body and Face Scrub.

Check out The Lifestyle Rose for health, fitness, and wellness by my sister.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Travel Jars

I am a huge glass fan! I have glass straws, glass water bottles, and I use glass food storage containers. Imagine how excited I was to find lids for glass jars! There are two companies that I really like Cuppow and EcoJarz.

I make superfood chocolate milk (will post this soon) in a jar and take it with me using my ecojarz lid. My Simply Straws straws fit in the wide mouth hole and it's perfect! I also use a large canning jar for water by my bed. 

It is so important to use glass for food and liquid storage because nothing is leaking into your water. Also, it's reusable :) yay environment!

Here is my water jug:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly guest DIY post

Hey all,

My sister is venturing into the blog world with her lifestyle blog called

Every week I will be featured with a DIY post. 

Check it out :) this week I posted how to make homemade deodorant!

Califia Farms

Guys! I found this amazing iced coffee with almond milk at Gelsons! I received a coupon for it in a VeganCuts box but never saw it anywhere. It's so good! It isn't really noticeably sweet but I don't like sweet coffee so it's perfect. This one is double espresso so it's strong but they have regular almond milk options and mocha flavor. It's GF/V :) the packaging is BPA free and no soy.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vegan Kitchen

This French Lentil salad was really good! i found it at Full'o'Life in Burbank, ca. I'm going to try to make it at home ;)

Top 10 GMOs


 I tried to make my own but the scoby i got wasnt good anymore. i am a fan of GT's but my mom brought me this brand and it was good. i felt cool like i was drinking beer.


This was a great breakfast! i'm such a fan of rice milk! i love these little packages but they are pretty wasteful so i don't buy them often. Superfood breakfast and mango water. also, i spy a gf/v cookie ;)

Fun Dinners

 sauteed veggies with gf/v patties and hot dogs:

Health Benefits of Cacao

Chia Crisps

I really liked these crisps! they are super BBQ and crunchy. i got them in my VeganCuts box. My sister didnt like them so she gave me her bag too. It is the perfect salty junk food craving snack. 

Brands I Love: Bragg

I am a big fan of these two products as well as their apple cider vinegar.

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Kite HIll Cheese

I really wanted to try these cheeses since i follow the co on instagram and i have heard good things. 
This one is good it tastes like brie:

this one was too fake tasting. i didnt like it:

Foods That Are Natural Sunscreen

Fun with Avocados!

I really love avocados. Sometimes i eat them for breakfast with fruit:
 or as a snack with franks red hot and nutritional yeast:

Hollandaise Sauce

i made a weird concoction and it turned out to be really good Hollandaise Sauce! 
I boiled the potato and added the rice milk, garlic powder, onion powder, and tofu scramble spices and blended it together. i added turmeric for color. 

Brands I Love- Bob's Red Mill

I love Red Mill because they have a lot of GF options! they pretty much have everything baking wise that you could ask for. it is a small employee owned company. their products are all natural, no added nonsense. I use their baking soda for everything that baking soda is good for- face scrub, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.

The Food You Eat...

Square Bar

I got this bar in a VeganCuts Snack Box and it was so good! it was chocolatey and crunchy but also kind of powdery. it really hit the spot with my sweet tooth!

Great food Docs

Beyond Meat

I love Beyond Meat! they are GF/V and their story is really cool! this guy inheirited his fathers chicken slaughter house and converted it to a vegan chicken plant. AMAZING!

the southwest style is my favorite.

Brands i Love- Navitas Naturals

I love this company! they have really great superfoods and are organic, vegan, gluten free.

Benefits of Fruit

Brand I Love: Endangered Species Chocolates

They have really interesting chocolate combinations and i have loved everyone that i have tried. they aren't exclusively vegan but they are GF. The dark chocolates are V and this company gives back to the environment. they use fair trade and sustainable practices.

Meatless Jerky

I found this meatless jerky at full'o'life market in Burbank. It was okay. its GF/V. i probably wouldnt buy this again or if i did i would get a different flavor. my sister said it smelled like dog food and it kind of tasted like it. 


My sister took me to Doomies for my birthday and it was amazing! we got chilli cheese fries, philly cheese steak sandwich, and the big mac. it is so far from GF i'm sorry but damn it was a good cheat day!

the big mac tastes exactly like a big mac and the chilli cheese fries were SO good too! the philly was not something we enjoyed.


I LOVE tacos! Mexican and Asian foods are my crack! i love to make tacos because there are so many things you can do with them and it's hard to make them gross. all are GF/V :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Here are two GF/V pizza's i have made (and one box one)

Faux Asian Soup

I am a big fan of soup! i could never be a raw vegan because i love soup too much! i used to make just a veggie soup with a water base but i have really been loving Asian food lately.

My first step it to saute the onions with coconut oil. then i make the broth when the onions are ready.

For the broth i put water in the pot then add GF soy sauce, siracha or chili paste.

While i wait for the broth to boil, i chop the veggies- mushrooms, zucchini, jalapenos, bok choy, kale.

i add in the mushrooms give it a few minutes and add in the dry rice noodles (i like the fat ones but the skinny ones are good too). While those are cooking i add the chopped veggies to a bowl. When the noodles are al dente i pour the broth and noodles into the bowl of veggies. the heat from the soup cooks the other veggies. i pour Bragg's sea kelp seasoning (only a little) to give it a more seafood taste, sesame chili oil, and (sometimes) nutritional yeast. stir it all together and enjoy :)

Random Meals

I know you all want to see random meals i have made or consumed throughout the summer. My go to food is a veggie stir fry but here is a mix of other things i have made. they are all GF V :) enjoy! 


as you can tell, i'm rubbish at updating but i hope i will get better at it! my birthday was july 7 and i had a lovely breakfast birthday party with my sister and her friends (they are basically my older siblings too). we had an amazing v gf chocolate cake from Amy's! it is my favorite cake ever ever!

4th of July

Even though the 4th was months ago... i still think about how yum my vegan meal was!