Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Healthy Times

every once in a while i will have wheat because i LOVE seitan more than any other vegan protein. Healthy Times makes the most delicious grilled seitan and prepackaged foods that have tofu or seitan and its totally vegan!

Pre-Packaged Foods

some of my favorite packaged foods. when it comes to Daiya cheese i liked the swiss style but i prefer the chedder or havarti. the shreds i love all of them. Amy's has these amazing gf/v burritos and breakfast burritos that i LOVE. Also Amy's cake is the best (it was my bday cake). The gf/v mac and cheese and the enchiladas are my favorites! they dont last long at my house! The wildwood meatballs may not be gf but they are really good and vegan. i made a tomato sauce and boiled them in it and it made a "meat" sauce.

Hail Merry Miracle Tart

 I love lemon bars so i was excited to try this- it is amazingly good lemon flavor but the crust is a little too coconut for me. it didnt blend well for me and it made me sad. i didnt finish it because i wasnt absolutely in love with it and it was really sweet.

Various Snacks

I loved and enjoyed all of these (pictures after the jump). Angie's popcorn is addicting! its the most perfect blend of sweet & salty we took it to our 4th of july celebration and it was gone so quickly! i really liked the Skout bar the other flavors are good too. I love a good bar bc it's easy for me to grab and go when i have work. Surf Sweets makes AMAZING gummy candies! i recommend all the flavors bc the are all so good! Beanitos didnt stand a chance! i ripped that bag open on my OR road trip and they totally hit the snack spot! they were salty and a little spicy (my spicy tolerance is super high though) but a great replacement for BBQ Lays. I cannot tell you how much i LOVE Barefruit apple chips! i got these in a snack box and almost immediately bought the large bag and proceeded to crush that too! they are slightly tart and not rock hard. they are like soft chips of tasty apple. I didnt try the red apple ones because i love tart green apples. i highly recommend them for lunch snacks.

old vegan cuts box

I dont remember what month this was (maybe july or june) but my sister and i loved the Go Veggie! parmesan cheese. The bean and rice chips are so good i love that there are nacho cheese flavored v/gf chips! and the BEST was the Snapz zucchini chips! I highly recommend subscribing to the Vegan Cuts box! they just came out with a beauty box so i cancelled eco emi and got the VC one instead.

Pressed Juicery

I love me my juices! pressed is great because they dont add any sweetener to their drinks like some places do. They cold press everything and they are a chain so they may exist in your area :)


i cant even with how good and convenient a to go breakfast is! i am obsessed with Vigilant Eats!! i could eat these everyday and not get sick of them! they are a little on the pricey side i think they are like $3-$4 each. They have different flavors but this one- Goji-Cacao- is my favorite. you can buy a box of 12 for $50.40 and i think they are 2 for $6 at whole foods.

GF/V French Macarons by Feel Good Desserts

These macarons by Feel Good Desserts are really sweet but really good if you want a gf/v alt to this dessert. they are my favorite cookies so i was so excited to find these :)


So Hawaii was a lot of seaweed salad, fruit, and veggies. YUM i loved it there! i would move there in a heart beat and just eat fresh fruit all day!

Homemade Vegan Popsicles

Here are a few of the popsicles i made this summer-