Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wish the world smelled like this...

So as you know I am not an intense vegan. I'm not concerned with my clothes, shoes, whatever being vegan but this soap is! And seriously it smells so so so good and the smell stains my skin and I smell like yum mango butter. I guess I care if my body products are vegan cause ew think about it there are animal byproducts in your hair, face, and skin products. Gross. But as it turns out not all of the products I use are vegan even though I wish they were. This soap, my shampoo bar, and my face wash are and those are the most important because I use those the most (aside from toothpaste... But I like my chemical stuff). This stuff ( and other amazing green products) can be bought at Green and Greener (click the title for the website)


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